Every year, millions of American are hurt in the workplace and most of it requires medical attention. Accidents at workplace can always happen due to a momentary lapse of judgment, a slip in the office floor, or prolonged sitting or standing that leads to other health issues.  

Although accidents happen unpredictably, prevention is always better than cure. There is no other efficient method than to practice safety methods and eliminate shortcuts in the workplace. And most of all, employees should remain alert and on guard for possible accidents.

Be prepared for inherent risk

All jobs have inherent risk. For instance, nurses and doctors are prone to needle-prick accidents. Athletes are prone to injuries. Those with office jobs are at risk for having back pains due to prolonged sitting or carpal tunnel syndrome for always typing or writing. It is important to note what possible injury or problem could arise for any employee before working. Then research and know the ways on how to minimize these problems.

Though some of these health-related issues can bother employees in the future, it is best to start prevention by wearing correct outfit and safety measures when at work. An example would be wearing stockings for a nurse who stands almost all the time while on duty; or wearing ear muffs for airport personnel to avoid going deaf in the future. These little acts can help avoid potential problems in the future.

Never take high-risk job for which you have not been trained for

Training is very important when working. Every employee needs to undergo training to be equipped and to do his or her duties and responsibilities. For instance, a fireman will not be a fireman without proper training. This does not only pose problem to himself but to others as well.

It is also important to note that shortcuts are never the answer when preventing accidents in workplace. Skipping steps in order to complete a task is synonymous to cheating.

Make sure company cars are well maintained

Company cars should be routinely checked and well maintained to avoid road accidents. Companies should not only use the safest cars for delivery, and other services but it should also be routinely checked.

Create good housekeeping practices

Good housekeeping and ensuring safety in the workplace are connected with each other. It is the establishment’s responsibility to maintain and clean, well organized and well maintained environment. Most of all, there should be a routine housekeeping practice inside the workplace. Frequent housekeeping measures should be planned, practiced and implemented so that foreseeable crisis like employees slipping over a wet floor, bathroom accidents can be prevented.

Formation of emergency team among members

Forming an emergency team is essential in the workplace. This is to ensure that if an accident may happen, staff members know how to give first aid and help their co-workers who experienced the accident. A BLS or Basic Life Support training is very important so attend not just life and death crisis but also other minor accidents in workplace. The company can coordinate with Red Cross or any organization that can train a large group for Basic life support. There should also be safety guidelines and in the workplace, and a first aid kit available to readily give help whenever needed.

Display safety information clearly and maintain comfort and cleanliness

A clean and organized workplace will not only look good but also improves the productivity of the employees. It is important to keep safety guidelines all the time to avoid accidents in workplace.  Make sure to post signboards and use cautions like “wet floor,” “ramp,” “stairs this way” to make employees aware of their surroundings. Make sure all passageways and storage rooms are also clean and orderly to avoid boxes from falling off  and workers from slipping

Lighting is also an important factor to avoid accidents in workplace. A good lighting and in office grounds, parking spaces, basements, dock areas will avoids accidents like tripping or falling off. Lighting fixtures should always be checked and switches should always be working.

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone but with proper knowledge, training and even being well informed helps decrease accidents in workplace to happen. Employers and employees should work hand-in-hand in order to maintain order and safe practice inside the workplace.