TSI Incorporated, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing precision instrumentation for measuring HVAC system performance, is proud to introduce a new platform:AirPro™ Instruments . AirPro Instruments are revolutionary wireless velocity and pressure measurement solutions that maximize productivity by offering easier measurement access, unmatched accuracy, seamless multi-data reporting and a user-friendly interface for fast, intuitive operation.

In the near future, TSI will be releasing a series of instruments for this new platform. The first series includes a Velocity Meter (Model AP500) with a suite of plug-and-play probe options, andMicromanometer (Model AP800). These devices interface with the TSI-developed AirPro Mobile Application Software with configurable feature sets, to meet your needs. The AirPro Mobile Application Software supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Advanced and Professional Feature Sets within the AirPro Mobile App eliminate the need for manual steps and hand-written documentation, by recording measurement calculations and logging data. You can easily share measurements, photos and comments that can be exported into reports, saving you time on the job site.

"The new AirPro Instruments solution continues a long TSI tradition of designing highly accurate instrumentation for HVAC professionals worldwide," said Jim Schumacher, product specialist for ventilation test instruments at TSI. "By combining trusted instrumentation to wirelessly communicate with everyday smart devices based on Android and iOS operating systems, your measurement efficiency and reporting capabilities will significantly increase."

This new solution will offer superior service through license and probe management, extended service contracts and advanced probe replacements, eliminating downtime. Although designed exclusively for wireless applications, AirPro Instruments do not compromise on the high reliability, accuracy, and overall performance you have come to expect from TSI. For more information, please visit