Thanks to Kappler, one of the most perplexing problems for protective clothing users now has a clear solution — literally.

Kappler’s AntiFog Expanded-View Visor means no more fogged-up face visors for gas-tight suit wearers.

There have been many efforts to address this common problem over the years, from wipes to sprays to homemade concoctions. But cost-effective solutions have eluded protective apparel manufacturers until now.

“The anti-fog innovation is a huge advance for hazmat responders and chemical workers, where seeing better means working safer,” said Laura Kappler-Roberts, president and CEO of Kappler, Inc. “The response has been tremendous, which is really gratifying considering how long the industry has been trying to solve this problem."

The patent-pending visor technology is being combined with another key “see better, work safer” improvement: A large, expanded-view visor which significantly increases the suit wearer’s field of vision with 17% more visor surface area.

The AntiFog Expanded-View Visor is being incorporated as a standard feature on all Kappler gas-tight suits made with Zytron® and Frontline®  fabrics, including NFPA-certified styles.

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Unretouched images show standard visor on left after only a few minutes in suit. Right image shows Kappler’s AntiFog Expanded View Visor after 30 minutes of wear.

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