Elvex® Corporation, an established and growing personal protection equipment company, announced today that controlling shares of Elvex Corporation stock have been purchased by partner DeltaPlus Group.

In April of 2015, both Elvex and DeltaPlus Group created a strategic partnership between the two companies with the intention of leveraging DeltaPlus’s strong position in Footwear, Fall, Head, Hand, Respiratory and Clothing safety products along with Elvex’s innovative Eye, Face, Hearing, Arc Flash and Chain Saw Clothing Protection products and to introduce DeltaPlus Group products to the North American PPE Market.

Since that agreement, Elvex and DeltaPlus Group have experienced steady expansion and growth. Elvex sales grew

5% during the economically challenging 2015 to 2016 fiscal year. Now with the controlling interest in Elvex, DeltaPlus Group intends to continue strengthening and expanding their position in the North American PPE marketplace. This will benefit existing as well as new customers by providing access to the Group’s “head to toe” safety products through its Distribution Platforms in every corner of the globe.