SafeVision®, LLC, an innovator in prescription safety eyewear and corporate eyewear programs, is filling an industry void with the introduction of prescription safety computer eyewear. The number of workers at risk for Computer Vision Syndrome “CVS” and Digital Eye Strain has increased exponentially without solutions from the eyewear industry until now. CVS is a health issue identified by the American Optometric Association that results in eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and can exacerbate dry eyes syndrome because of prolonged exposure to digital screens. Whether you are in an office setting or on a shop floor, the average American worker spends multiple hours viewing computer screens or other digital devices as part of their regular job functions. These workers may not only need safety glasses but also special lenses to eliminate CVS.

A solution is needed to address both problems and SafeVision® has that solution. SafeVision has added new HD Digital lens designs and coatings to its ANSI Z87.1 certified eyewear to combat CVS while at the same time providing ANSI certified eyewear.

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