Bradley Corp.’s exclusive Design On Demand™ program offers customized services and product solutions that are ideal for large or small industrial applications in the most demanding environments. The program delivers the most efficient and custom plumbing solutions by combining the most innovative products and services.

With in-house engineering experience, system design consultation and individualized services, Bradley’s qualified Business Development experts help design plumbing systems according to each customer’s needs and project goals. Bradley offers a complete range of efficient and reliable plumbing products for tempering water and liquid processing. In effect, this program is designed to deliver the safest, most efficient and dependable products for each application.

Design On Demand industrial plumbing products can be bundled or pre-assembled to meet specific application requirements. Products feature Bradley’s expansive line of Emergency Safety Fixtures featuring Halo™ technology, Enclosed Safety Showers, Keltech® Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Navigator® Thermostatic Mixing Valves – all of which are built for the most challenging industrial situations.

The comprehensive program is designed to be applied to a range of industries and applications, including emergency shower or combination shower/eyewash systems; hazardous chemical environments; power plants; manufacturing environments; waste water treatment plants; mining; and process heating.

“The DOD program brings customers not only expertise in the products we offer, but the ability to integrate these innovative products and related accessories into their systems in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible,” says Rick Kern, director of industrial sales, Bradley Corp.  

“For example, our DOD program can include on-site documentation of existing systems and the challenges the customer is looking to overcome, continuing with extensive sales support – everything from detailed proposals to certifications to presenting solutions understandably to key stakeholders. Our goal is delivering and supporting the highest quality products or systems that perfectly executes customers’ needs.”

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