Although most Americans who responded to a recent poll said that being fit and looking good were very important to them, most of those said they were not in good shape.

That contradiction surfaced in a survey recently by Reportlinker, which set out to determine attitudes towards fitness and exercise.

Key findings:

  • 77% say being in good shape and looking good is very important to them
  • But 42% consider themselves to be overweight
  • And only 37% of respondents believe they are in good shape
  • Also, 56% of respondents are concerned they are not strong or muscular enough
  • And 75% admit to comparing how they look to others

For those of us who do work out:


Joining a fitness center is the most popular way to exercise, mentioned 40% of the time, followed by basketball and swimming (35% each), jogging (34%) and yoga (21%).

How often?

  • 39% of people work out between three and five hours per week
  • The lack of motivation stands as one of the biggest obstacles to working out regularly as only 31% say exercising is a habit
  • Setting goals for more motivation & performance
  • 30% of respondents are more likely to work out if they set themselves a personal record.
  • 48% of joggers say they use a smartphone to track miles while 46% of swimmers use one to monitor performance at the pool.

To see all the survey results click here.

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