If you’re not using social media to stay connected with your industry and community, you could be missing out on vital connections. Conferences provide a great opportunity to use social media networks to stay on top of conversations, even if you’re not in a particular session. If you’re attending the AIHce virtual conference, it’s an easy way for you to network with attendees and speakers.

Here are some quick tips to consider to help you leverage your upcoming presence at this year’s conference.

Online social interaction is an essential part of today’s communication strategy, so we’re combining this into our first and second points. Twitter and LinkedIn are your best avenues to promote yourself professionally through social media channels, so if you’re even a casual user of either, consider investing a little time in promoting your attendance, booth, or session.

Look up various hashtag ideas and see what conversations are happening in that space. If the audience seems relevant to you or your subject matter, start using that hashtag as you begin promoting yourself.

Are you a member of another local, regional, or national group that serves your profession? You can promote yourself through their communications as well, often through an article or mention on their website, blog, or social media feeds. Take a moment to reach out to them and find out what they need.
You can promote yourself at AIHce EXP via your email signature. A few simple lines after your name that includes a link to the conference, your session, and/or your company’s booth is all you’ll need to easily send out promotions without making a time-consuming effort.