Exposure to hazardous substances and at risk for injury from fires and explosions are the primary dangers faced by workers who conduct spray painting of marine vessels 

The task – which involves flammable paints and coatings -- is frequently conducted in confined spaces that, if not properly ventilated, can cause sickness or death for workers.

OSHA has issued a new factsheet explains how employers can protect workers from the hazards associated with spray painting marine vessels, beginning with identifying and evaluating exposures to respiratory and other hazards.

Where appropriate, employers must also ensure that chemical labels and safety data sheets are made available to exposed workers, and offer workers training on the hazards.

The fact sheet provides detailed information on:

  • engineering control measures such as ventilation
  • how to prevent tools and equipment from becoming ignition sources in flammable and combustible atmospheres through an electrical spark or static discharge
  • the types of personal protective equipment and clothing that will protect workers from the hazards that have been identified

Click here for the OSHA factsheet, Hazards Associated with Spray Painting in Shipyard Employment.