This year’s Executive Summit provides attendees the perspective of industry and corporate leaders in regards to the OSH profession. The event offers opportunities for executive-level networking and leadership development as well as updates on economic trends and business strategies. Understanding this perspective significantly benefits OSH professionals and improves their effectiveness in directing safety and health programs in their organizations.

Topics that are typically addressed:

  • Safety as a fundamental value in an organization
  • The business impact of safety and health on an organization
  • The role that safety and health professionals play in an organization
  • How organizations address risk
  • How should safety and health professionals best use their influence
  • The effects that sustainability efforts are having on organizations
  • The personal commitment of senior management to safety

The Safety 2017 Executive Summit Panel is:

  • Bobi A. Garrett, Deputy Laboratory Director and Chief Operating Officer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Stuart MacVean, President and Chief Executive Officer Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
  • Shawn Poole, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, EmployBridge
  • Scott Simmons, Vice President, North America, McCormick & Company
  • Jeff Westphal, Vice President, US Buildings Operations for PCL Construction Enterprises Inc.