This year will be the twelfth annual Executive Summit. The Summit, which takes place on Wednesday, brings the perspective of industry and corporate leaders to occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals. Understanding this perspective significantly benefits OSH professionals and improves their effectiveness in directing safety and health programs in their organizations.

The Executive Summit consists of a moderated panel with the objectives to communicate the perspective of senior management regarding safety and health, as well as the expectations senior management have of safety and health professionals and the safety and health function.

Topics that are typically addressed:

  • Safety as a fundamental value in an organization.
  • The business impact of safety and health on an organization.
  • The role that safety and health professionals play in an organization.
  • How organizations address risk?
  • How should safety and health professionals best use their influence.
  • The effects that sustainability efforts are having on organizations.
  • The personal commitment of senior management to safety

This years speakers:

  • Ray Bagley, Vice President of Operations (Trades), Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Rick A Frazier, Chief Product Supply and Service Officer, The Coca Cola Company
  • Kimberly S. Greene, Chief Operating Officer and EVP, Southern Company
  • Randy Neuhaus, President/CEO, S&ME Inc.
  • Kenneth J. Rueter, President, UCOR