Gateway Safety introduces fX3, a superior anti-fog solution that fights fog better than current alternatives. As the newest technology in anti-fog, fX3 is engineered to provide three significant benefits: 1) a stronger resistance to fogging; 2) longer-lasting adhesion to the lens; and 3) better scratch resistance. 

“Our product team began developing fX3 as it became clear that for some workers, current anti-fog options simply weren’t strong enough,” said Gateway Safety Vice President Matthew Love.  “For those who experience fogged up safety glasses in the field, this problem is not only annoying, but dangerous if they can’t see clearly or are removing their safety glasses to wipe them off.”

Gateway Safety’s fX3 products are tested to the most stringent anti-fog standard that exists: EN 166. When tested, fX3 lenses stay fog free for more than 7 times the required time in the standard, and more than 30 times over other manufacturers’ ‘anti-fog’ products.  fX3 premium anti-fog has also been put through several additional tests designed to simulate humid working conditions, including steam, cleaning, adhesion and wipe tests.  In each case, fX3 came out ahead of other ‘anti-fog’ products.

fX3 is a full lens coating, and does not require any application, wipes or sprays.  Currently, fX3 is available in the StarLite®, Swap®, and Conqueror® safety eyewear lines, with additional product availability coming soon.  All fX3 products come with Gateway Safety’s impact resistance quality. Each has been UL-tested and certified to meet ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3, and they also meet the US Military Ballistics Specification for Eyewear (MIL PRF-32432 (GL)). 

Companies can contact Gateway Safety’s customer service department for a product sample or visit for more information.

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