Hi-viz FR apparel and safety management solutions and software were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on ISHN.com this week.

Pelican introduces the world’s most versatile professional-grade flashlights

Pelican Products, Inc. (Pelican), the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting tools, has introduced the world’s most versatile professional-grade flashlights with the Pelican™ 3410 and 3410M (magnet) LED and the Pelican™ 3415 and 3415M LED.


AMMEX heavy duty disposable gloves

AMMEX’s raised diamond texture has raised the bar for heavy-duty disposable gloves. In automotive, industrial, jan/san, and countless other enterprises, more users are discovering how this technology enhances safety and performance.


Honeywell introduces new cut-resistant gloves for hazardous industrial environments

New Perfect Fit line provides ANSI 6 cut protection while providing workers with dexterity, sensitivity for delicate work

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced a new line of lightweight, cut-resistant gloves that allow industrial workers to perform delicate tactile work while providing heavy-duty protection against lacerations.


Predictive Solutions launches SmartWork™

SmartWork builds on existing solutions to improve safety and productivity of workplaces worldwide

Predictive Solutions, the worldwide leader in delivering actionable insights on workplace risk, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product line, SmartWork™.


Industrial Scientific introduces iNet® Now live monitoring software

iNet Now helps teams to monitor gas detector status and location in real time

Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, is pleased to announce the release of iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software. iNet Now enables real-time monitoring of worker location, environment, and status. Should a worker encounter a gas hazard, be immobilized, or have the need to escalate a condition through a panic alarm, text and email alerts, including a map of the area, are sent to designated contacts.