A Tulsa, Oklahoma safety services company doesn’t just talk the talk. Having just achieved one million man-hours without a recordable injury, JCL Service Company apparently walks the walk, too.

Both divisions of the JCL company—JCL Safety Services and JCL Risk Services—reached this safety milestone by completing over one million man-hours without any of the following injury-related incidents occurring: days off work, restricted work, transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid, loss of consciousness, or an injury resulting in death. Owned and managed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP’s), JCL has worked in 28 states and 3 foreign countries.

How did the company accomplish this feat?

“Quality training and experience is the key,” said Jim Lefler, JCL’s President & CEO.

Employees continually undergo rigorous safety training programs, which equip them to consistently perform effective hazard prevention in potentially high-risk locations. “Many of our people have worked with us for at least 20 years. We set experience standards and expectations for quality in all job classifications.”

JCL promotes a company-wide commitment to safety by recognizing people for working safely and championing those who demonstrate safety practices at the highest level. Employees have the opportunity to earn bonuses and trophies (as part of team and crew awards) by achieving company-set, safety objectives. JCL also integrates safety into all of its corporate culture and policy.

“As a safety-services company and also as a process-safety company that promotes operational excellence, we look at our job as an opportunity to protect human lives,” said Lefler. “I’m confident in our ability to achieve the same level of excellence throughout the next million.”

For more information on JCL, visit jclsc.com.