Innovative technology to remove oil mists from workplaces, print compliant labels and increase visibility in hazardous facilities were the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.

Handte oil expert removes ultra-fine mists to meet OSHA compliance

Collecting mist from lubricant oils used to cool machining processes is critical to protect workers' health and meet OSHA requirements. The Handte Oil Expert from Camfil APC helps facility operators reduce exhaust emissions to meet the current OSHA 5.0 mg/m3 exposure limit for oil mist. It also eliminates the ongoing housekeeping expenses required to remove oil from heating and cooling equipment, other machinery and workplace surfaces.


Epson LABELWORKS PX launches the LW-PX300 label printer

The LW-PX300 is a smaller, lighter and extremely affordable label maker for wire-marking and barcode labels up to 3/4" (18 mm) wide

The new Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX300 is a portable wire-marking, barcode and general-identification printer for creating custom and compliant labels up to 3/4" (18 mm) wide. Identify wires and equipment, organize tool cribs and storage bins, make safety labels, tag assets and more. With special-function hot keys, this easy-to-use label maker offers extraordinary flexibility and power at an extremely affordable price.


Dual technology exit signs: Increased reliability, whether power is on or off

By combining two established technologies – LED and photoluminescence – in one unit, exit signs deliver reliable, maintenance-free operation for decades

Bill Lynch

For building and facility owners or managers striving to meet fire and safety codes, new “dual technology” exit signs are combining the efficiency of LED lighting with revolutionary new photoluminescent materials to increase reliability and performance over decades of use.