Employers looking for training materials for their Safety Stand-Down may want to use some of them many safety videos available to them.

Here are some useful safety videos:

A worker leaves his fall harness in his truck and doesn’t want to take the time to go and get it in the video, Fall Protection Can Save Your Life from WorkSafeBC. The piece dramatizes the consequences of not wearing fall protection -- and why wearing it is the right choice every time.

OSHA prevention videos (v-tools) contain scenes based on true stories, and might be disturbing to some people. Versions are available in English and Spanish and are accompanied by transcripts.

Falls in Construction-Floor Openings shows how quickly falls at construction sites can happen, and what employers can do to prevent them.

Falls in Construction/Leading Edge Work dramatizes a fall fatality and demonstrates how this particular fall hazard could be avoided.

Falls in Construction/Fixed Scaffolds shows what happened when a worker without a fall harness who was standing on a ladder placed on a scaffold overreached while installing siding.

Falls in Construction/Reroofing recreates a tragedy that occurred when a worker with no fall protection was reroofing on a pitched roof and lost her balance. The video than goes on to show the equipment that would have saved this worker’s life.

In Falls in Construction/Skylights, a worker nailing shingles on a roof with guardrails around it stepped onto an unguarded skylight. It broke and he fell 15 feet to the ground, later dying of his injuries. In this case, the employer thought the guardrails around the roof were sufficient, and failed to see the danger of the unguarded skylight.