Casella, a global provider of air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring solutions, will be demonstrating its latest monitoring and calibration technology at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo (AIHce) booth #1631 taking place May 21–23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Attendees of this year’s AIHce EXP2018 show will learn about Casella’s latest innovations that are improving worker health through occupational noise and dust exposure measurement while also streamlining data collection for employers and contractors. Health and safety personnel can experience Casella’s dust monitoring, noise monitoring and calibration products first-hand at Casella’s booth #1631 during the exposition. Showcased products will include:

  • Apex2 I.S™ Personal Sampling Pumps – a range of Intrinsically Safe (IECEx) and QPS certified bodily worn pumps for sampling the air for contaminants that might pose a health risk, such as hazardous dust like silica. The Apex2 I.STM is compatible with the Casella AirwaveTM App, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. The AirwaveTM App enables users to remotely start, pause or stop a measurement run and allows collected data to be emailed directly to multiple user inbox’s, simplifying the reporting process.
  • Flow Detective™ Air Flow Calibrator – a new electronic airflow calibrator designed to measure the flow of any air sampling pumps to within two percent accuracy and to measure pulsation. The Flow DetectiveTM is suitable for flows up to 5L/min, is rugged and is field portable. The flowmeter saves valuable time undertaking pump calibrations and, when used with the Apex, closed loop calibration can be achieved avoiding manual set-up. Gathered data can be transmitted directly.
  • Casella 63x Series Sound Level Meter - used for noise-at-work applications (ISO9612, OSHA) and environmental measurements to ensure regulatory compliance and protect hearing. The versatile meters measurements assist with the selection of hearing protection and can be used for site boundary noise assessment or noise nuisance complaints. 
  • dBadge2 I.S™ Noise Dosimeter - an ideal tool for workplace noise assessments and provides a variety of advanced features for personal noise monitoring. The dBadge2 I.STM personal noise dosimeter has been designed specifically to be used in potentially explosive areas, such as oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The dBadge2 I.STM is also compatible with the AirwaveTM App allowing for remote access monitoring and easier collection and transmission of data. 

Jim Struthers, sales manager for Casella, will be presenting during the exposition as well, delivering a talk in the Learning Pavilion on May 22. Attendees will hear about the industry’s latest innovations around air sampling pump calibration and will see how the Apex2 I.STM and Flow DetectiveTM products work together to ensure air sampling accuracy, measure pulsation to required standards and report results wirelessly, saving professionals valuable operational time.

For more information about the products listed or any of Casella’s additional monitoring solutions, visit booth #1631 at AIHce EXP2018 or

To find out more about Casella, please visit, featuring live chat, or follow @Casella_USA on Twitter, Linkedin Casella USA or Facebook Casella USA.

About Casella

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks through a core competence in dust, noise and vibration monitoring.  The company has provided precision instrumentation since 1799 and supplied eminent figures including Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work.

Casella’s core purpose is to create technology aimed at improving the working environment of employees while providing robust data and equipment platforms to enable organisations to remain compliant with health and safety regulations.  The company is expert in the integration of sensor technology and data management systems that further improve productivity and overall safety in the workplace.

Casella is a global business, part of the IDEAL Industries Inc. group of companies and has offices in the UK, US, Australia, China and India. Casella are supported by a network of distributors providing local service and support to those searching out solutions for risk reductions.