Posted with permission from Confined Space, a newsletter of workplace safety and labor issues. (Posted on Confined Space blog on July 28)

This is why I work for OSHA
It’s why I’m proud to work for OSHA
So someone I don’t know,
Can go home safe and whole,
To live and love and laugh and go to work another day,
To work another day.

Turns out today is the 12th anniversary of the 35th anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Why do we care? Because on this day 12 years ago, OSHA had a little ceremony headed by then-Assistant Secretary Ed Foulke. I’m sure Ed was great, but the highlight of the event was 30+ year OSHA employee Bill Smith, performing a song he had written for the occasion called “To Work Another Day.”

Those were my years in the diaspora, so wasn’t able to attend and hear the song, but happily Bill has just made it available on his Facebook page, and I’ve managed to link it below.

I think the chorus above pretty much says it all for all who have dedicated their lives — in good times and bad — and generally without recognition or appreciation, to making sure workers get to go home safe and sound and healthy every day at the end of the shift. These days when the White House and most politicians have nothing good to say about regulatory agencies or the legal protections they enforce, and when public employees and government are bashed and trashed by those who are supposed to be in charge ensuring that government makes life better for people — this is a refreshing antidote.

Bill writes that he never got any official recognition for the song, aside from the standard thank you note that everyone received. But he did get a standing ovation from the audience.

And that’s better than anything you can hang on the wall.

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