If you manufacture head protection, use it on the job or work for a government agency that has a regulatory interest in it, you are invited to help evaluate a voluntary standard for industrial head protection.

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), an ANSI-accredited standard developing organization, is seeking consensus body reviewers for the proposed reaffirmation of the following standard:

ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Industrial Head Protection: Codified in OSHA regulations, the standard establishes minimum performance criteria for industrial head protection used in a variety of work environments including those in the construction, manufacturing and oil/gas industries. Head protection conforming to the requirements of this standard are designated both by Type (I or II based on location of impact force) and Class (C, G, or E based on electrical insulation characteristics). Assessments for optional characteristics, including high-visibility, reverse donning and temperature conditioning beyond the standard criteria are included as well.

Consensus panel members may fall into one of four categories:

  • Producer – A manufacturer of the product covered by the standard or components thereof
  • User – An organization that uses, specifies or purchases the product covered by the standard
  • Government – An agency or department that has a regulatory or other interest in the product
  • General Interest – An organization that has a special interest in this standard due to safety, technical or other requirements or an individual expert with knowledge in the area(s) covered by the standard, but who neither produces nor uses products covered by the standard.

Consensus balloting is expected to begin late Fall 2018. Interested parties should contact Cristine Fargo at ISEA for details. cfargo@safetyequipment.org