News sources are reporting that President Trump will soon name his nominee for the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), an agency that oversees the implementation of government-wide policies and reviews draft regulations. That person will help execute Trump’s plan to reduce government regulations – particularly some enacted during President Obama’s term. Under Executive Order 13771, Trump says he will eliminate two regulations for every new one issued.

The OIRA is a low-profile but powerful agency that coordinates efforts with federal regulators and has been, at times, a lightning rod for partisan conflict.

Supporters of regulatory protections – such as the advocacy group Public Citizen – are warning that the new OIRA administrator could adversely affect public health, environmental, consumer and workers rights.

Trump is reportedly deciding between Paul Noe, a lobbyist for the American Forest & Paper Association and Neomi Rao, an associate law professor at George Mason University.