DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) has announced a partnership with Guardhat, an industrial safety technology company specialized in developing wearables, infrastructure and software platforms, to provide a safer and more productive work environment. Through this partnership, DSS and Guardhat will work together to develop advanced, scaleable solutions that provide actionable, real-time data for industrial companies seeking to better safeguard their employees.

“We are seeing industrial companies embrace new technologies within their operating environments, and, in doing so, they are capturing incredible amounts of data about the performance of their physical assets,” said Davide Vassallo, Global Managing Director for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “This has provided companies with unprecedented opportunities to improve operational workflows by harnessing the insights drawn from this data. ‘Smart’ Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is the next phase of the digital transformation for industrial companies, enabling operators to work smarter and safer.”

These breakthrough technologies allow companies to capture data about where and when employees face risks and hazards. Through analysis of the data produced by these devices, companies will be able to unlock unparalleled insights that can inform operations leaders on how exactly they can improve their safety management systems and drive a reduction in injuries and accidents in the workplace.

“We combine our advanced internet-related technology with dependable safety equipment to create a 3D space and holistic view of every user’s work environment,” said Saikat Dey, Guardhat Co-Founder and CEO. “This allows us to actively predict and prevent workplace accidents.”

“The application of such technologies has much potential to protect employees within high-hazard environments,” said Alexey Lesin, Global Practice Leader, Digital and Innovation for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “They provide real-time alerts to employees when they face a hazard, enabling them to quickly recognize the risk and act appropriately. Supervisors also receive an alert, allowing them to get an accurate picture of the risks their employees encounter and an opportunity to mitigate such risks in the future.”

“We at DuPont Sustainable Solutions partner with our clients to introduce ‘smart’ PPE in their workplace and analyze the data generated by these devices to extract key insights about their actual safety performance in real time,” continued Lesin. “We then draw upon our experience honed over thousands of client engagements, as well as the expertise of DuPont to advise companies on how they can adapt their safety management systems to the real risks that their employees are facing.”

DuPont Sustainable Solutions intends to integrate new, innovative technologies – including those from Guardhat – in its client engagements throughout the world. “The pilot results are inspiring and have prompted us to deepen our relationship with Guardhat. By combining the innovative technologies of Guardhat and our deep know-how and experience in operations, we offer industrial companies the means to make a genuine breakthrough in their safety performance,” said Vassallo.

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