Along with singing Auld Lang Syne at the start of the New Year, making resolutions is a tradition for millions of Americans. Of the many resolutions that will be made January 1st, pledging to conduct a machine safeguarding assessment may not be as popular as say, losing weight or balancing family finances, but it is certain to change the way your manufacturing plant operates in 2019.

First off, what exactly is a machine safeguarding assessment? Carrie Halle, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at machine safety leader Rockford Systems, LLC explains: "An assessment is a critical first step in an ANSI B11 program to reduce risks, especially for companies commissioning new machinery, relocating machines, or that have much older or refurbished machinery. When performed by a safeguarding professional trained and experienced in OSHA, ANSI, RIA and NFPA standards, an assessment takes the guesswork out of maintaining compliance and helps to keep a company's employees safe, machines productive and processes online." 

Halle stresses, "Not only do traditional industrial metal-working machines need assessments, but also industrial and collaborative robots."

Second, are machine safeguarding assessments necessary? In a word, yes. In the United States, workers operating or maintaining industrial machinery suffer more than 18,000 amputations, crushed fingers and other traumatic injuries each year. While these injuries vary greatly, the majority of cases do have one thing in common: the injury was largely preventable if machine safeguarding equipment had been in-place, or would have been far less severe.

Machine safeguarding assessments identify tasks and hazards. Along with inspecting mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems on machines, the assessment includes:

  • Function testing machines and safety devices
  • Analyzing machine hazards, tooling and operator tasks
  • Identifying safeguarding options
  • Detailing the strengths and weaknesses identified in the audit findings
  • Providing hazard reduction strategies required to comply with OSHA, ANSI, RIA and NFPA standards.

While choosing a resolution is easy, sticking to it can be sometimes be difficult. In the case of machine safeguarding assessments, however, Rockford Systems makes it easy. An assessment can be scheduled online or by calling 800-922-7533. Once completed, Rockford Systems will present an economical and timely project proposal outlining an equipment compliance roadmap for your plant to ensure 2019 will be its safest year ever.

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