We are excited to announce its expansion with the launch of its new line of SupAbsorb Tech rolls and spill mats. These affordable, durable, American-made oil-absorbing mats reduce business’ carbon footprint by utilizing locally sourced, quality recycled materials. Originally developed for the oil industry to help with oil spills, these rolls and mats soak up large volumes of a variety of fluids efficiently, making workplaces safer and easier to maintain. Suitable for railroad, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, supermarkets, restaurant settings, and more, SupAbsorb Tech products eliminate the need for messy clay sorbent, chemical cleanup, and costly rental rugs.

“We’re thrilled to expand our operations to include the acquisition of a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse right next to our current location. Widening the scope of the industrial textiles we offer allows us to serve even more businesses and help them make their workplaces safer and easier to maintain. We take pride in contributing to the American economy and look forward to diversifying our customer base with affordable, environmentally-friendly products that are made in the USA.”

SupAbsorb Tech also cuts out the middleman, allowing businesses to purchase products directly from their Bensalem, PA manufacturing facility. With convenient online ordering, fast shipping, competitive pricing, and top-quality products and customer service, SupAbsorb Tech is already well on its way to becoming a global leader in the industrial textile market.  

About SupAbsorb Tech

SupAbsorb Tech is a family-owned and operated technical textiles manufacturer that has offered domestically sourced, Made in the USA fabrics for decades. Their commitment to quality assurance, green manufacturing, great value, and quick turnaround put them a cut above the rest in a wide range of industries: including apparel, automotive, food, furniture, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, the military, and more.  A leading global manufacturer of proprietary textiles for clients around the world, SupAbsorb designs and produces innovative, high-performance fabrics that provide effective, affordable textile solutions for businesses around the world.

Ph: 215 -244-2589