Justrite Safety Group, a global leader in industrial safety products, recently launched a comprehensive new website. The new website combines access to the brands, products, and educational materials of four different companies within the Justrite Safety Group portfolio, including Justrite, Eagle, Checkers and NoTrax. The new website will provide workplace safety professionals throughout a myriad of industries with streamlined access to the vital safety products and educational materials in the hopes of improving workplace safety across the country.

Justrite Safety Group has been recognized as an industry leader in workplace safety for more than a century, offering expertise and safety equipment through each of the eight brands in the Justrite Safety Group portfolio. “Since our founding in 1906, we have built around Justrite to create five safety categories; chemical safety, environmental safety, industrial matting and ground protection, motion safety, and safety identification,” said Mark McElhinny, President and CEO of Justrite Safety Group. “Many workplaces and industries require a diverse accessibility to products across these different categories and brands with the goal of fostering safer work environments throughout the United States.”

"We strive to be a trusted resource for products regarding safety and regulatory compliance, and our new website will help us to better serve as that resource for numerous companies and industries," said Julie Lehto, Director of E-commerce at Justrite Safety Group. “We make workplace safety easy.”

With this new online experience, Justrite Safety Group is delivering safety expertise to help customers like never before. The new website improves Justrite Safety Group’s ability to disseminate guidance regarding safety best practices and regulatory compliance, as well as the products that can be used to ensure workplace safety.

The website is now live and can be visited at http://www.justrite.com. Each of the represented brands can be found listed at the top of the page, offering easy access to their respective safety products.