On Friday, June 24, 2022, Magid Glove & Safety hosted the Chicago Scholars and the Invest for Kids Emerge program Internship Program. 25 interns traveled to Magid’s headquarters in Romeoville for a day filled with networking, a career fair, a tour of the facility, and other educational learning opportunities. Chicago Scholars is a premier college and career success program that gives high-achieving first-generation and low-income students the tools and support they need to go to college and achieve their goals after college. Every Friday, Emerge Scholars travel to partner organizations such as Magid where they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different career fields and network with professionals. Magid is a proud Chicago Scholars High Five partner, helping to invest in Chicago’s future leaders by providing opportunities and financial support as well as introducing them to the safety industry.

The day began with Gigi Cohen, Magid’s Executive Vice President, welcoming the students and introducing them to the safety industry. Shortly after, attendees were given a tour of the facility, highlighting both the manufacturing and distribution sides of Magid’s internal operations. This unique experience allowed Emerge Scholars to view knitting rooms, laser-controlled leather cutting equipment, and automated conveyors for distribution. For many of the students, this was the first time they had seen the inside of a large manufacturing and distribution warehouse.

After the tour, the Emerge Scholars experienced Magid products for themselves by participating in multiple hands-on demonstrations. Students activated their own Magid® Cool powered by Mission® cooling towels. Once activated with just water, the Magid Cool towels cooled to temperatures of 60 degrees in just a minute. The AeroDex® challenge demonstrated how different gloves affect dexterity despite providing equal protection. the challenge, students picked up small nuts and bolts as an industrial laborer would have to do with gloves on.

Students also had the opportunity to attend a career fair where they could speak with representatives from 11 different departments such as human resources, marketing, and sales. The Magid Career Fair helped the Emerge Scholars explore future career paths, learn from industry professionals, and understand Magid’s company culture.

Lisa Gao, Chicago Scholar said, “Thank you for providing this opportunity! I had a great time and learned a lot, not just about different opportunities, but also about the efforts Magid is taking to ensure the safety of all. I'm grateful to have been able to have this experience!”