Here are the top issues of interest to members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association for 2005, according to a survey released by AIHA:

Permissible exposure limits (PELs). Science in this area has matured, but OSHA's PELs have not, according to AIHA

Emergency preparedness and response. EHS professionals are crucial to the safety of emergency response workers and the community that depends on them, says the group.

Safety and health programs. This issue has been dropped from OSHA's regulatory agenda — still AIHA fully supports efforts to ensure that employers incorporate a written safety and health program into workplace policies.

Ergonomics. AIHA remains convinced of the need for an ergonomics standard.

Hazard communication/material safety data sheets (MSDSs). AIHA supports efforts to improve the accuracy of MSDSs and supports efforts to improve hazard communication for employers and employees.

Other issues AIHA members find important are personal protective equipment, generic exposure assessment regulations, and risk assessment legislation.