The American Society of Safety Engineers says you should watch out for:

  • Falls when reaching for high shelves and storage; and trips from cables, wires, ironing cords, toys and fans;

  • Torn or frayed carpets, carpets that are loose on the floor, and floors that are slippery;

  • Heated surfaces such as coffee makers and hot plates that could trigger a fire in the office;

  • Electrical circuits in older homes that might not be able to handle additional electrical loads from fax machines, computers, scanners and so on.

    ASSE safety experts say you should:

  • Have a licensed / bonded electrician inspect your existing home electrical system and upgrade it if needed;

  • Develop a fire evacuation plan;

  • Use a hand-held cart to move heavy boxes;

  • Move desks close to power outlets and phone jacks to avoid tripping hazards;

  • Prohibit smoking;

  • Make sure fire extinguishers are acceptable for multiple exposures.