Here's what you can do:

  • Be prepared for some employees to exhibit work performance problems such as absenteeism, emotional outbursts and a renewal of phobic reactions such as fear of travel, tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, subways, etc.

  • Be proactive - the time to come up with a plan is now, not the week before the anniversary.

  • Understand that recognizing the anniversary is vital. Involve employees in organizing your company's response.

  • Provide information to all of your employees acknowledging that many of them may have strong feelings and reactions to 9/11/02.

  • Provide handouts listing helpful resources including crisis counseling services, mental health providers and other community programs.

  • Organize an appropriate company ritual. The ritual should acknowledge where the majority of the employees are emotionally and be organized, limited and appropriate. Suggested rituals include a moment of silence, a company lunch, a corporate charity event to benefit victims of the tragedy, to name a few.

    Source: Trauma response experts at Longview Associates, Inc., a national employee assistance program (EAP).