Yoh has unveiled whybesafe.com (www.whybesafe.com), an interactive Web site designed to orient and train contract workers about safety at work, home and on the road.

Yoh, whose workforce has recently completed more than 1,200 days without a lost-time incident, drives its safety culture by continually communicating and reinforcing the importance of safe work practices.

whybesafe.com introduces Bea Safe, a safety spokesperson, who educates visitors about workplace hazards, safe work practices, reporting workplace accidents and how to integrate Yoh's contract employee safety program with company programs representing a wide variety of industries.

Site content includes workplace-specific orientations, tips on ergonomics, guidelines for safe driving and other workplace safety issues, safety do's and don'ts and links to product recalls. whybesafe.com also includes a direct link to OSHA's home page, providing visitors with additional information about worker safety and health.

Yoh is one of the largest staffing services firms in the United States, with more than $550 million in 2002 sales. The company operates from more than 80 locations in North America and Europe.