The University of Cincinnati College of Applied Science has announced a new bioterrorism response course for hospitals and medical emergency personnel. Available January 2002, the course is designed to improve the U.S.'s preparedness for covert or overt bioterrorist attacks, providing an explanation of chemical and biological warfare agents from the incident scene to decontamination and medical treatment.

"Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents" will be offered in several ways through the University of Cincinnati, including a three-credit hour course at the university, and a one-credit hour awareness course nationally via video conferencing on January 18 and ten-week correspondence course.

The courses address bioterrorism response from the perspective of frontline medical emergency response personnel and hospital staff. In addition, the courses will better prepare medical personnel for the encumbrances of higher security and crime scene conditions expected during an actual incident.

Subject matter covered will include:

  • Types of possible chemical and biological agents.
  • Characteristics of possible chemical and biological agents, including next-generation genetically modified agents.
  • Specific response procedures and best practices.

For more information, call (513) 556-1824.