EPA’s annual summary of the Superfund program’s accomplishments shows construction was completed at 30 sites in 2008, for a cumulative total of 1,060 sites or approximately 67 percent of the sites on the National Priorities List, according to an agency press statement.

Superfund is the federal government program that cleans up the most serious hazardous waste sites across the country.

In 2008, 85 sites were designated as ready for anticipated reuse, meaning all measures are in place to ensure that the sites are protective over the long term. In total, 343 sties have reached this milestone.

EPA conducted or oversaw 681 ongoing construction projects at 423 sites, which includes projects led by EPA, projects led by potentially responsible parties and federal facility sites.

The agency also conducted or oversaw 372 emergency response and removal actions to address immediate threats to communities.

EPA secured private party commitments of $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2008 to fund cleanup work. Potentially responsible parties agreed to conduct $1.6 billion in future response work, and to reimburse EPA for $232 million in past costs. EPA billed private parties $75.5 million for oversight costs.