In a press briefing earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs responded to the question, “What is a green job, anyway?”, by stating:

"Each year, at least at the end of last year, you had tax credits for wind energy jobs -there's a one-year tax credit, right. And so every year in August or September, there's a huge scurry to make sure that next year's tax credit is available. Well, if you're going to build a windmill [sector] the size of which is going to produce energy to lower the power costs of millions of Americans, there's some lead time that's involved. So in instituting a renewed tax credit in this economic stimulus bill to give the producers of wind energy some understanding of what's available for them to use in creating these jobs and to give them some economic certainty is important. That's just one example….You've got biofuel jobs. You've got solar projects. I think there's any number of clean energy jobs that can drive not only our path towards energy independence, but also a path towards creating jobs."