American Public Health Association announced in a recent press release that the organization has launched a new website that spotlights a range of issues related to health and the environment. From chemical exposure, food systems and the built environment to climate change and challenges currently facing the environmental public health workforce, along with emerging issues such as the Gulf Coast oil spill. APHA’s new Environmental Public Health website provides the public health community with a range of tools that address the critical connection between healthy communities and healthy people.

“The unprecedented oil spill off the Gulf Coast is an unfortunate reminder of the association between the health of the environment and human health,” said Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, president of APHA. “As important as responding to this epic tragedy is, it is just one small part of the vital role the environmental public health work force plays in protecting communities across the country from environmental threats everyday. This website is an important new tool for equipping health professionals and community leaders with the right information to better ensure the health of the population.”

Intended to educate public health professionals, policy-makers and others on a range of environmental public health topics, the new online resource provides access to reports, fact sheets and a climate change webinar series, along with additional APHA resources and related links from partner organizations. The website also links to up-to-date information on the potential adverse health effects of the April 20 oil spill.

APHA’s environmental public health work seeks to make connections between healthy communities and healthy people, including efforts to ensure access to safe and nutritious foods; address the health impacts of climate change; provide safe places to walk, run, bike and play; protect air and water; and enhance access to health care, with a special focus on the needs of underserved communities and vulnerable populations.

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