PublicHealthOnlinePublic Health Online is less than six months old, but its goal is an ambitious one: to provide students, parents and general readers with accurate and expert-driven information and resources about public health topics, careers and the post-secondary educational landscape.

“We want our in-depth guidebooks and degree- and subject-focused pages to help anyone interested in public health make informed decisions at every turn,” according to the website.

Public Health Online was formed earlier this year by Dan Schuessler, a Cal Poly graduate who began his career in education and technology as part of Intel’s student education group -- focusing on tech resources and solutions for young learners -- and Wes Harris, who transitioned from teacher to Director of Web Content at one of Silicon Valley’s largest higher education publishers.

Why did Schuessler and Harris feel compelled to provide free community resources to current and future college students and adult learners?

Information is hard to find

“In-depth public health career information centralized in one pace is difficult to find,” said Teresa Mullins, VP of Communications & Outreach. “Our site goes deep into specialty public health careers and provides actionable information through salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources. The program search tool allows users to find accredited Not-for-Profit colleges offering campus and online based public health programs.”

That online search tool (which can be accessed on this page) allows people to look through the programs of more than a thousand schools based on location, type of degree and tuition cost.

From charts and interactive tools to quizzes

Because the target audience consists of current and future college students and adult learners, information is presented in a multitude of user-friendly ways: detailed articles, charts and graphs, interactive tools and maps, quizzes and more.

Areas covered include epidemiology, health administration, health and human services, health education, health sciences and nutrition. Among the resources: information about public health scholarships and insurance for college students.

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