NIOSH has enhanced its WorkLife Program to tackle a broader collection of factors that impact the overall health of workers, according to a post on the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s website.

As a result of this transition, and to convey its new comprehensive approach to workplace health and safety, NIOSH has changed the name of its program to Total Worker Health™.

The agency plans to begin building an intramural program concentrated on protecting and promoting Total Worker Health through research, interventions, partnerships and capacity building in order to meet the needs of today’s work force.

The WorkLife Program was launched as the Steps to a Healthier US Workforce Initiative nearly a decade ago to encourage health promotion and wellness programs in the workplace. For the past five years, NIOSH has funded and partnered with three WorkLife Centers of Excellence to research the benefits of integrated approaches to employee health.

During the transition, the program will continue its partnership with WorkLife Centers and other collaborators in efforts to promote Total Worker Health initiatives.