DSM Dyneema - Wurth GroupThe Würth Group is the latest partner for DSM Dyneema and its glove licensing programme.

As one of the most diverse international suppliers of both domestic and industrial accessories – with products ranging from screws, fixtures and fittings to tools, electronics and automotive components – the trading firm has been rapidly expanding its personal protective equipment (PPE) ranges in recent years, focusing on Small and Medium Enterprise

In 2011, it will introduce the new Cut Level 5 (CL5) glove featuring Dyneema®, the world strongest fiber™. Gloves made from Dyneema® represent the best in cut resistance performance while being light and comfortable for the wearer. The CL5 glove will be launched in Germany, where Würth has established more than 320 of its own shops over the past few years. It is likely to find extensive use in the metal and construction industries, among others.

In support of the new partnership, DSM Dyneema will be providing training as well as product, trademark and branding support, for approximately 2,800 Würth sales representatives in Germany, ensuring the success of this new product range.

"With Würth as new partner in our glove licensing program we are able to strengthen our coverage in various markets" says Edwin Grootendorst, Regional Manager DSM Dyneema®. "Many small and medium-sized companies will now also be able to protect their workers’ hands with the Würth gloves made with Dyneema® - another significant step in our mission for higher safety and protection levels in a great variety of industries."