saxaphone playerThe 37th annual meeting of the National Hearing Conservation Association is set for Feb. 23-25, 2012, in New Orleans.

Topics include:
Keynote Lecture: Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention: Engaging Communities and Changing Cultures
Presenter: William Hal Martin, Ph.D. - Oregon Health & Science University / USA
Children and Adolescents, Habits, Preferences and Protective Behaviors Regarding Loud Sound Exposures: Inherited Culture?
Presenter: Keila Knobel, Ph.D. - State University of Campinas / Brazil
Myths and Misconceptions About Hearing Protection
Presenter: Elliott Berger, M.S., I.N.C.E. Board Certified - 3M / USA
Intervention Effectiveness Research in Hearing Loss Prevention
Presenter: Thais Morata, Ph.D. - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health / USA
How Should Hearing Conservation Program Effectiveness Be Assessed?
Presenter: Peter Rabinowitz, M.D., M.P.H. - Yale University / USA
Don't Trash Your Hearing - Cultural Issues and Hearing Loss Prevention in Public Sector Solid Waste Service (A Case Study)
Presenter: Connie Muncy, C.I.H., M.S. Mgmt., Montgomery County Environmental Services / USA
Play It Down - A Community Project by the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation in an Effort to Reduce the Rate of Hearing Loss in American Teens
Presenter: Megan Morris - Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation / USA
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