Vendor NewsThe Phylmar Group, Inc. -- an environmental, health and safety (EHS) and social responsible consulting firm -- recently established the Inner Circle business network to help Inner Circle members gain a competitive advantage by allowing them access to Phylmar's global affiliate network, thereby extending their geographic and technical reach.

Phylmar currently operates a global network of more than 500 environmental health and safety affiliates in 44-50 countries, providing clients with a single point of contact for scoping, sourcing, contracting and invoicing. Within this network, they have created the Inner Circle, which was given the 2011 Business Achievement Award for New Practice Areas by the Environmental Business Journal.

This model now includes the Inner Circle, a highly vetted group of affiliates that has expanded access to technical, marketing, and other resources. This type of network allows smaller firms to go up against much larger firms.

"Given the way things are shaping up in this industry, for small to mid-size firms to compete, they need to have a niche market, or a specialty, or geography," said Phylmar Group's Managing Principal Mark Katchen. "One way to combat that situation -- to compete with the big guys -- is to go to a different model," he continues. "We allow select affiliates to join this Inner Circle group and gain a competitive advantage and to diversify business risk."

The Inner Circle also provides members with the opportunity to partner with non-EHS consultancies that provide services and products to Inner Circle members to increase their competitive position. Partners, to date, have been drawn from a variety of industry sectors, including marketing and financial services. The Inner Circle group currently numbers about 20 affiliates, and is aiming to increase that number to about 100 of the most productive affiliates.

Member Benefits:
• Increase revenue by up to 25%
• Access the Phylmar Affiliate Network and quickly expand your geographical and technical reach
• Preference for assignment referrals
• Reduce business risk
• Increase profitability and operational efficiency
• Participate in Inner Circle networking events and webinars
• Enjoy special discounts for services, equipment and supplies
• Monthly newsletter
• Merger and acquisition assistance

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About The Phylmar Group, Inc.

The Phylmar Group is an organization that partners with best-in-class companies on their most challenging environmental, health and safety, and social responsibility issues by working in a vertically integrated way from anticipating clients' needs from strategy to implementation. This is achieved through trusted expert client advisors who deliver innovative, responsible, efficient solutions addressing client needs and creating added value.

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