As the economy improves and hiring accelerates, health and safety professionals face increased pressure to manage company costs without compromising worker safety. 3M believes comfort is the key in encouraging workers to wear the appropriateprotective equipment, as demonstrated by the company’s new earmuffs and headsets. Additional offerings make PPE more convenient to use, including coverall packaging and fit-test services.

“Workers often have safety equipment available to them, but may opt not to wear it because of discomfort or inconvenience,” said Yolla Levitt, chief marketing officer, 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division. “In 2012, one of our primary goals is maximizing the comfort and convenience of protective equipment so compliance increases.”

3M Peltor H9A-02 earmuff: A common issue for workers using hearing protection is moisture build-up in earmuff cups and headbands, leading to hygiene issues and discomfort. The new 3M Peltor H9A-02 earmuff provides the attenuation and comfort of a headset, along with hygiene features developed for processing environments, such as food applications. The headband is engineered to help prevent food particle accumulation and the lightweight earcups have replaceable inserts to reduce moisture absorption.

3M Peltor H505B earmuff: When wearing multiple PPE, workers may be tempted to remove or improperly use one component. The Peltor H505B is the first earmuff in 3M’s portfolio designed to fit under most welding helmets. With a two-point suspension for balanced pressure distribution, this earmuff delivers the comfortable protection professionals need in welding environments.

3M Peltor headsets: Noisy environments present ongoing challenges to workplace communication and safety. 3M’s new Peltor PowerCom-BRS two-way radio headsets and Peltor DECT-Com II duplex radio system headsets eliminate the need for boom microphones, while allowing more natural sounding ambient listening.

3M protective coveralls: To improve ease-of-use and accessibility, 3M protective coveralls will now be available in individually wrapped packages. Select designs will also have a euro slot hanger for retail applications.

3M H-700 Series Hard Hat: The new 3M H-700 Series Hard Hat is equipped with a Uvicator sensor that changes color from red to white as the hard hat is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, alerting the wearer when it’s due for a replacement. The light-weight hard hat features a low-profile design for stability and balance, and includes accessory slots for 3M’s cap-mounted earmuffs, head gear, face shields and welding helmets.

3M fit-testing services: This year, 3M also upgraded its E‑A‑Rfit Validation System, a quantitative hearing protector fit-test. The 3M E-A-Rfit Validation System assists in achieving optimal fit through hearing protector selection and employee training. In less than 8 seconds per ear, the system generates a personal attenuation rating that indicates a worker’s noise reduction for a given fitting and hearing protector.

40 Years of Safety Leadership: This is a milestone year for 3M as its Occupational Health and Environmental Safety business celebrates 40 years of safety leadership. The anniversary pays tribute to 3M’s development of its first disposable earplug and NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirator in 1972 – the first of future innovations in PPE.


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