Summit Training Source offers new GHS training videoRigid Lifelines™ is pleased to announce a new partnership with XS Platforms, a worldwide leader in rooftop fall protection systems.

XS Platform’s permanent and temporary fall protection systems will enable Rigid Lifelines to offer user friendly solutions for workers accessing roofs, keeping them safer and more productive at elevations. XS Platform’s unique and innovative patented single toggle down anchors and weighted guardrail systems are sought after by building owners seeking minimally invasive solutions to fall hazards.

XS Linked cable horizontal lifelines can accommodate 4 workers at the same time and only require a toggle anchor every 40 to 60 ft. 

XS weighted guardrail systems are offered with fold down and curved rail options. 

While Rigid Lifelines continues on as the leader in rigid rail solutions for under roof fall exposures, it is now able to address roof exposures with the addition of XS Platforms products. Rigid Lifelines is driven by a passion for developing and offering products that address all fall hazards. 

Headquartered in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, Rigid Lifelines is America’s preferred provider of rigid horizontal fall protection systems and accessories. Rigid Lifelines has over a decade of experience engineering, designing, and testing rigid track fall protection systems. Visit our website and learn why Rigid Lifelines is the Future of Fall Protection™.