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Brady introduces the new BBP®33 Label Printer

Label maker offers quick supply changeovers, no calibration, no wasted labels

Brady, a leading manufacturer for printing systems and materials, announced today the launch of the BBP®33 industrial label printer. Brady’s new printing system is the first industrial printer in the market to feature foolproof “drop-in” supplies that allows users to perform a complete supply changeover in less than 20 seconds, with no adjustments or calibrations and no wasted labels.

Designed to make label making faster and easier, the new industrial printer also helps users…Read more>>

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers product solutions to protect against risks faced by oil and gas industry workers

Offerings support worker safety for drilling and refining operations

To protect against the many hazards faced by workers in the oil and gas field as well as to provide the tools they need to work productively, Kimberly-Clark Professional is introducing a range of personal protection and wiping solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

Oil and gas industry workers must contend with a variety of health and safety risks, including exposure to harmful chemicals, gases, vapors and fumes as well as falls, burns, cuts, hand injuries and a high risk of noise-related hearing loss. The occupational fatality rate for the oil and gas extraction industry is more than seven times greater than the rate for all U.S. workers.[i] In addition, the median days away from work rate, a key measure of the severity of injuries and illnesses, for drilling oil and gas workers was 30, much higher than the median of seven for all industries, according …Read more>>