U.S. manufacturers of industrial respiratory protection equipment, including respirators, masks and accessories, gas masks, respiration air supplying self-contained breathing apparatus and accessories, respirator filters and accessories, protective films, and powered air-purifying respirator systems (PAPRs) and accessories generate annual revenues of $1 billion, according to market researcher IBISWorld.

The industry does not include sleep and breathing aids for consumers with medical conditions, since these products are not considered protection equipment

According to IBISWorld, 16 businesses in the U.S. manufacture industrial respiratory protection products, and employ 1,804 workers.

Annual growth of U.S. respiratory protection products is pegged at 1.3%, according to IBISWorld. Sales will benefit from renewed industrial production, as downstream manufacturers and mining firms demand equipment again, according to the market research firm. Plus, strong export markets will provide demand for the industry in the next five years to 2017.

Still, an increase in imports will continue to dampen profit margins, and US-based firms will look to focus on high valued-added items, according to the report.

In the five years to 2012, IBISWord estimates revenue from the respiratory protection equipment manufacturing industry grew at an annualized rate of 1.3% to $1.1 billion. Demand for respirators is generally quite stable due to exposures when working with gases and hazardous materials. Demand fell in some of the industry’s markets, including industrial manufacturing.

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