Arbill, a Philadelphia-based provider of workplace safety products, services and training, recognizes that ensuring workplace safety means helping out the organizations that need assistance. Arbill’s Give Back program works well with its “Make It Home Safe” mission because it provides safety products for those who truly need it — without expectation of compensation.

Arbill’s mission is to ensure that each worker returns home safe, every day. Arbill President and CEO Julie Copeland emphasizes that this mission is honored and fulfilled by creating cultures of safety — and this takes a team effort.

Honoring the mission

“We believe we have an obligation to give back to the community and are committed to helping others,” says Copeland. “We would not be honoring our mission to bring workers home safe every day if we did not provide extra assistance to those who truly need it. Workplace safety shouldn’t be limited to the organizations that can afford the superior safety services and products we offer.”

Arbill’s Give Back program takes a philanthropic approach to ensuring workplace safety. Arbill makes a donation of safety equipment — on the behalf of each organization that partners with the safety supplier -- to a group that needs the assistance. The three largest beneficiaries are Feed the Children, the Philadelphia Fire Department and Goodwill.

In addition to donating safety equipment on behalf of partnering organizations, Arbill gives up to 10% of its profits to charitable organizations — these donations are also in the form of safety products like gloves, hardhats and raincoats.

“We are not thoughtlessly throwing money at these organizations and calling it ‘charity,’” says Copeland. “We are providing safety-related items which they may not be able to purchase themselves. Items that help make them safe. That’s our mission, and our passion.”