Shawn GallowayThe president of ProAct Safety, an industry leader in safety excellence strategies, helped provide a blueprint for a safety excellence strategy at the first-ever Safety Leadership International Conference for a western Asian nation. Shawn M. Galloway, president and chief operating officer of ProAct Safety, was opening keynote speaker for the Azerbaijan International Safety Leadership Conference. The event, sponsored by the Rovshan Oguz Group was held in December 2012 at the JW Marriott Absheron Hotel in the Capital city of Baku.

The scheduling of the conference in the former Soviet Republic was highly appropriate, Galloway said, due to the nation’s burgeoning oil and gas industry. “Enterprises in Azerbaijan are in great need of information, resources and guidance in the development and implementation of workplace safety and health programs. This was an opportunity to share best practices of many of the greatest safety-performing companies throughout the world.”

As the keynote presenter, Galloway said his role was to challenge and advance thinking about safety excellence in the region and provide strategies, tactics and overall thinking processes to help attendees improve safety performance and culture.

The international conference was unique, Galloway said, in that it was the first such conference in the country’s history and was created by private enterprise, not the government. About 150 international business, safety and government officials were in attendance at the conference.

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