OSHADespite previous violations, a tortilla manufacturer is still failing to provide employees exposed to corrosive chemicals with emergency eyewashes and is still not monitoring them for formaldehyde exposure.

Those were among the four repeat safety and health violations found by OSHA inspectors at Landes Foods in Dallas earned the company a proposed $129,500 in fines.

"Landes Foods has failed to correct violations previously cited while also continuing to expose workers to safety and health hazards that could lead to possible injuries, illnesses or worse," said Stephen Boyd, OSHA's area director in Dallas.

The three repeat safety violations were cited for failing to provide quick drench and eyewash facilities for employees working with corrosive sanitation chemicals, ensure electrical receptacles had appropriate polarity and ensure the use of protective footwear. A repeat health violation was cited for failing to monitor exposure to formaldehyde released during the chip frying process. Similar violations were cited in May 2010 that resulted in penalties totaling $123,200. The company contested the citations, and the case is currently in collection.

The two serious health violations were cited for failing to monitor noise level exposure and provide audiometric testing for workers exposed to noise at or above 85 decibels for an eight-hour time-weighted average.

Information on preventing occupational hearing loss is available at http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/noisehearingconservation/hearingprograms.html.

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Landes Foods employs approximately 283 workers who manufacture corn and flour tortillas and precut chips.