Pocket Blade DispenserPacific Handy Cutter (PHC) - Introducing our new Pocket Blade Dispenser (new blade storage and used blade disposal all in one) for use with all Pacific Handy Cutter Safety knives.  It’s the ultimate safety combo - working together to keep workers safe and productive. The Pocket Blade Dispenser reduces worker injury by safely dispensing one blade at a time and it is safe to carry in your smock or pocket. It also features a compartment designed for the disposal and storage of used blades, eliminating loose blades in the work place.

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About Pacific Handy Cutter

Pacific Handy Cutter (PHC) has been committed to worker safety for over 60 years and is established as a leader in providing innovative cutting tool solutions. Safety First System® brand safety products reduce cutter lacerations and injuries, reducing workers compensation claims and boosting productivity in the retail industry.  The Quickblade® brand similarly provides ergonomically designed tools to accelerate work tasks with innovative quick blade change technologies combined to make work enjoyable, safe and efficient.