COMPTON, CA (July 11, 2013)– FallTech, a leading manufacturer offall protectionproducts built for all industries where workers are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the launch of its completely redesigned website, products

As the third leading cause of worker injury and death, nearly every employer has employees that, at some point, will be exposed to a fall hazard. When it is impossible to eliminate a fall hazard through engineering, or prevent a fall through the use of guardrails, it becomes necessary to use a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). FallTech’s new website is designed to help safety managers  solve problems and find resolution faster by making it easy to access expertise and information about specialty products that minimize the risk of working at height.

 With as little as two clicks, users can navigate to the exact product they are looking for, learn about FallTech’s Service offerings, or find the current training class schedule. By clicking the ‘Industry’ link and choosing an industry, users can find products tailored for their specific job site, or keep up with the latest safety news. Users can build their personal fall arrest systems by quickly jumping from one style of harness to another style or to an anchorage, or a connector, all without having to navigate back to the home page.

FallTech’s electronic catalog, which can also be downloaded from the new website, also makes it easy to browse the Company’s portfolio of products.