Easi-decDesigned to provide maintenance and repair workers with safe, rapid access to the roofline of single and two-story buildings, the new OSHA- and CSA-compliant Easi-Dec Platform system from Kee® Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY, can be assembled from the ground up by two workers in less than 10 minutes without the need for tools and then easily lifted into position. With a load rating to 750 lbs. evenly distributed, the assembled system measures 6-1/2-ft. long by 2-1/2-ft. deep and is supported by adjustable telescopic legs. Corrosion-resistant aluminum safety railings on the Easi-Dec Platform are fitted with Kee Lite® aluminum safety components and toe boards. The system complies with OSHA 1926.451 for construction scaffolds as well as ANSI A10.8, ANSI/ASSE A14., and in Canada, CSA Z 797.09 and REG 213/91.

The new Easi-Dec Platform saves a significant amount of time compared to building scaffolds and offers greater versatility, according to Kee Safety. The Easi-Dec Platform spans building obstructions such as porches and bay windows, and the lightweight system can be disassembled quickly after use and easily transported in a cargo van or on a truck rack. The time savings and convenience can enable workers to be more productive on the jobsite and complete projects sooner.

Standard legs supplied with Easi-Dec Platform systems are adjustable from 10’-9” to 18’-2” platform height, and the legs are adjustable individually in 1.2” increments to accommodate uneven or sloping ground. Four other leg kits are optionally available to provide platform heights ranging from 7’-7” to 22’-5”. A cushioned rolling window bar provides continuous platform support for load distribution on vinyl siding, cedar shingles, and exterior insulation. The company states that options include a stand-off kit to allow access to deep soffits, and a dormer kit to enable the standard Easi-Dec Platform to sit on a sloping roof.

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