firefightersFires at an oil tank and a furniture stripping company injured four fighters in two different states yesterday.

In one incident, a hydraulic line for a 240-gallon oil tank broke and ignited at the Salt River Project plant in Gilbert, Arizona yesterday morning, according to news sources. The leak of hydraulic fluid used for cooling sent temperatures inside the building soaring and caused the Gilbert and Mesa fire departments to rotate firefighters who were working at the site.

Three firefighters who were exposed to the oil and were treated at a local hospital for eye and skin irritation.

The plant is a seasonal natural gas facility that only operates during peak winter and summer months.

In Frenchtown, Missouri, a firefighter suffered chemical burns around his face mask while responding to a blaze at the Dip N Strip furniture stripping company. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined but local fire officials say it likely began in the interior area where the furniture is stripped using hazardous chemicals.

The injured firefighter was treated at a local hospital and released.