happy workerIt seems we are always attempting to fight that 2:30 feeling, but these don’t have to be your only options.

How often do businesses overlook the stress of the workload their workers must handle?

Employees begin to neglect their body’s needs, while focusing on what’s needed to be done for their occupation. With today’s work schedule demands, it’s no surprise why workers are putting more time in the office. The bottom line is there needs to be more focus on what it takes to focus.

Tony Ellison, founder and CEO of Shoplet.com, an internet retailer for office products, understands the importance of working efficiently and suggests these tips to keep employees energized and focused throughout the day.

“I know when my staff has gotten a good night’s rest because there is a good atmosphere in the office,” says Ellison.

Getting rest is arguably the most important factor in staying focused at work. If you cannot get the proper rest at home finding time during your day for a power nap will provide you with surprisingly refreshing burst of energy.

The second major contributor to a focused day at work is diet.

 Establishing a balanced diet will provide you with the energy you need to focus for your tasks at work.

Finally, regular exercise increases your alertness over longer periods of time. It’s important to stretch or take a walk to wake your body up after long periods of sitting still.

“We encourage our employees to take two 15 minute breaks during the day so they can come back focused and alert”, says Ellison. “While quick fixes like energy drinks may help, it may be more beneficial to improve your overall quality of focus by improving rest, diet, and exercise.”